What to Look for in a Good Rice Cooker

A rice cooker can make your life easy, especially if you are always busy to prepare a meal. The rice cooker will do most of the work for you. If you want the best rice cooker, you will have to dig through several models just to find the right one. Most people would end up giving up as the many rice cookers on the market just confuses them. Other than using the rice cooker reviews as your source of information, here are other things to look for in a good rice cooker.

The Capacity of the Cooker

 Rice cookers would come in different pan sizes. The pan size is what will determine the amount of rice you will get for each cooking session. Choose a size that would cover all your cooking needs. If you are two people in the house, you will need a rice cooker with more capacity. Remember that rice doubles up when cooked, so choose wisely. The capacity rating is normally for the uncooked rice.

Ease of Cleaning

 Most rice cookers would have a non-stick coating. The coating is meant to make it easier to clean and maintain. If rice tends to stick to the sides of the cooker, it can be hard to clean more sometimes. The inexpensive models might not have this coating that makes them non-sticky. Lacking the coating might give you a headache cleaning the rice cooker.

Ease of Use

 Some rice cookers might have so many settings that it becomes hard to use them. The ease of use is very important for anyone new to rice cookers. Best rice cookers would come with a manual that outlines the procedures clearly on how to handle them. Some might have more technology that would make your cooking experience better or a nightmare. Read several rice cooker reviews to know more about the technology before buying the rice cooker.

Quick-Cook Setting

 Whenever you feel you are pressed for time, there is always the option for choosing the quick-cook setting. Not all rice cookers might have this setting, so take the time to identify one that can provide such capability.


What to Look for in a Good Ice-Cream Maker

Making ice cream at home can be fun as you get to play around with different ingredients to find the right ice cream flavor that you love. To make the best ice cream flavor that you want, there is the need to get the best ice cream maker. If you are new to buying such a machine, you need to read a few ice cream maker reviews to get a rough idea of what to expect. Here are some of the things to look in a good ice cream maker.


With Freeze Bowl VS Built-in Freezer


With the freezer bowl, you need to pre-freeze your bowl or canister for a few hours to get your ice cream. Depending on the machine model, some might just a few hours while others might go overnight to get the freezing done correctly.


The ice cream with a built-in freezer is known to have better convenience as you do not have to pre-freeze anything. Such an ice cream maker will cool down the ice cream to the perfect temperature that you would enjoy.


The Ice- Cream Maker Capacity


You can expect an ice cream maker to be either 1.5 quarts or 2 quarts as its capacity. You need to identify that machine that would best serve your family. Most people would go for the 2 quarts, as they would not want to go back to make more ice cream in case there is someone extra in the house.


Time for Making Ice Cream


If you are going to make ice cream, you do not want it to take the whole day. You need to find the best ice cream maker that can make ice cream within the shortest time possible. Take the time to read ice cream maker reviews to know about the model’s time for making ice cream.


What You get as Frozen Treats


Other than making ice cream, some types of ice cream makers can also make Frozen Yoghurt, Gelato and Sorbet. You can choose a machine that would have more functionality other than just making ice cream.