yogaYoga began more than 5000 years ago. The term yoga means "union", or " to unite ". This science allows man to develop progressively towards his highest potential, no matter which level he starts from. The most perseverant or gifted will reach what certain people call the Absolute, or what others call God. This means letting the limited "I" merge into the great Universal Self, there where peace and unconditional joy reign. 
Yoga must by no means be assimilated to a religion, even if it can encompass all of them, because it carries no dogmas and there does not exist a "church" called "yoga". Each seeker carves his own path, by drawing on the experiences of those who preceded him and who reached the ultimate goal. Some choose an abrupt path, others a winding climb. Along the route, sometimes, a few travel companions… But the most part of the journey is done alone, and everyone is responsible for his own progress.
We see right away how narrowly yoga is commonly used (relaxation, exercise, summer craze..) compared to its real objective! Despite this, even this "narrow" version of yoga can exert its "unifying" virtues whereas, most often we suffer from dis-unity : we are torn between what our mind does and what our body asks for, divided between our family and our professional life, split between the necessities of daily life and our deepest aspirations, hence the general dis-ease. And if by chance one escapes this epidemic, one must breathe the discomfort of others!
Yet, paradoxically, everyone is seeking happiness. But, if we are not in good health, if our mind ceaselessly "zaps", without letting us breathe, how could we be happy? Yogis and seekers of ancient times noticed that if the mind is cleansed of its impurities (negative emotions) and its agitation, the physical body regains its balance and its health: we know today that most illnesses have their origin at the subtle level, in stress and negative emotions. 
The mastery and stilling of the mind is the condition of this unbounded happiness and authentic peace that we are all looking for: this is why it constitutes the goal of all yoga paths.